Asfour Crystal 917 Pendeloque Prism

Asfour Crystal

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Design glittering works with cascading crystals. Use striking Pendeloque shaped prisms in modern or traditional styles to create the illusory ambience found only in dreams. These prisms are cut with precision to refract the light countlessly. Crystal is best known around the world for its use in lighting fixtures and chandeliers. This is an art and a tradition that has lightened lives for centuries, and that has long ago been mastered by Asfour Crystal. A crystal lighting piece adds instant luxury to any space; big or small, residential or commercial. It enriches the settings in which it is placed and gives it a sense of splendor and grandeur.

Asfour Crystal is the world’s most prominent manufacturer and exporter of the highest-quality crystal across the globe. Every single crystal part made by Asfour Crystal is a piece of art that will stand the test of time and be passed on for many generations to come. The luminosity provided by Asfour Crystal parts radiates its vicinity with a spectrum of colors that can only be outranked by a true diamond of the finest cut. These parts are available in a large variety of shapes, cuts and sizes that suit a wide spectrum of requirements and tastes.

  • Brand: Asfour Crystal
  • Size: Please Select Above
  • Color: Please Select Above
  • Shape: Pendeloque
  • Holes: 1
  • Sold Per Box
  • 30% PbO Crystal
  • Easy to be cleaned, use water spray with soft, slightly damp, Lint-Free cloth
  • Made in Egypt

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